BMW E30 E28 E23 Rear Deck Tray Factory Premium Speaker Driver Pair Black OEM

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OEM PART #: 65131381473

ITEM: Premium rear deck speakers, black

These speaker are for cars with Premium sound, option S675. speakers are tested and working. None of the material is degraded, and the speakers are not blown. Some of the acoustically-transparent material behind the speaker grilles is damaged, but the housings are intact and unbroken. Guaranteed good working condition. These are used original BMW parts.

7 Series E23
1978-1984 733i Sedan (E23/M30)
1985-1987 735i Sedan (E23/M30)

5 Series E28
1985-1986 524td Sedan (E28/M21)
1982-1988 528e Sedan (E28/M20)
1983-1984 533i Sedan (E28/M30)
1985-1988 535i Sedan (E28/M30)
1988-1988 M5 Sedan (E28/S38)

3 Series E30
1984-1985 318i Coupe (E30/M10)
1985-1985 318i Sedan (E30/M10)
1991-1991 318i Sedan (E30/M42)
1991-1991 318is Coupe (E30/M42)
1984-1987 325e Coupe (E30/M20)
1985-1987 325e Sedan (E30/M20)
1987-1991 325i Sedan (E30/M20)
1987-1991 325i Coupe (E30/M20)
1988-1991 325ix Coupe (E30/M20)
1989-1991 325ix Sedan (E30/M20)
1988-1991 M3 Coupe (E30/S14)