Porsche Boxster S 996 Brembo Calipers Caliper Set

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Up for sale is a set of used calipers off a 2001 Boxster S. They come complete as pictured but you'll need to source the bolts. 

They have a few blemishes.




They came off a 2001 Boxster S (M008 option package) They are the same as the Red Calipers on the Base 911 (996) Carrera
Part Numbers on the Brembo manufacture calipers. The part numbers on the calipers do not have the -11, and -13, they are part of the full part number used in the M008 package
996-351-425-11 same as 996-351-425-01  for 996
996-351-426-11 same as 996-351-426-01 for 996
996-352-421-13 same as 996-352-421-03 for 996
996-352-422-13 same as 996-352-422-03 for 996